controls the state of services and equipments. A (JSON) configuration file describes the actions (regrouped in tests) to be operated and their plannings: days of the week (1:Monday-0:Sunday), period (00:00-24:00), frequency (in minutes).

Messages of information are transmitted by mail to the subscribed users after a state change. The users can subscribe to the announces of defects and/or returns to normal (with an individual planning).

The state of the system and the log of events can be consulted online with the a Web browser. The issued mails includes a copy of the page corresponding to the performance indicators of the test.

Three types of status are managed: «KO!» (defect), «OK!» (return to normal) and «OK?» (in defect but at the end of the survey period).

To make you an idea, you can consult the online demonstration [Due to limited bandwidth, the demonstration is available on demand only].The Software and its documentation are available in the Downloads section.


a Ruby network manager.


July 27th, 2010

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Daemon, E-mail

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Linux, Mac OS X, Windows

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[Due to limited bandwidth, the demonstration is available on demand only]

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